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For some reason,
keeping up with this livejournal gives me panic attacks.
too many posts everyday!!!!

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just a little curious.

I wonder if you told a thirteen year old,
they were sixteen.
and they'd been told they were years older than they really were
as far back as they can remember.
if they'd think the way sixteen year olds think.
would the parents have to treat them like sixteen year olds?
would they need to?
since maturity levels are usually not the greatest with thirteen year olds would it work?
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Unintentional hiatus

So I guess I took an unintentional hiatus,
I know I've missed many entries and that's annoying me
but not enough to go back through all of them.

So I've shaved about half my head in a sort of peek-a-boo mohawk.
I've been really looking forward to it and I have to say it's made me
very happy. I just feel more like myself.

I've been the happiest lately that I've been in a while.
Things with my mom are going good,
I'm doing slightly better in school,
and it seems like I'm extending my friends branches out farther.
It feels like love with a physical body.

I may not be school oriented, at all...
but I'm really starting to feel I can accomplish what I want for my life.
I have faith, and am focusing on the faith I receive from others to help
motivate me to organize my thoughts and get behind a microphone.
It's been a little stressing, I refuse to be overwhelmed.

Everyday until those eventful days will be just a speedbump or
just a smile on my face.
Nothing major.
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I hate this whole: tissue, blow, repeat thing.

So in a matter of minutes I've managed to somehow piss off every one of my relationships.
My friends,
my brother,
my dad.
If I go downstairs I'll probably piss off my aunt.

I don't even know what I did.
I hate it, I feel like everytime I try to reach out and comfort someone,
they just get a thorn in their skin.

I feel I haven't said anything I wouldn't have,
nothing out of the ordinary.
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Every "E" hurts my hand.

I guess it's been a slow day but I haven't posted in awhile.
My e button is shit right now :/, I have to hulk smash it.

I didn't make any plushies today, but hopefully I'll continue tomorrow, I need to stock my etsy.
All I did was watch Project Runway marathons and draw Bruce Timm inspired Poison Ivy's?..Ivies?..

I want to start a sewing circle, for cool people who sew shit. >.< obviously.
It's late, I'll probably delete this.
I also want to have a drawing circle where every week a different person sets out a challenge for everybody else..the same for sewing circle.
Like: Sew a whale, draw a flamingo.

I feel like I could get in the backseat of a car, look up at the sky and write novels right now.
That or I am about to fall asleep from being sleep deprived. Who knows.

G'night ya'll.
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I got up from the couch and my pajama pants were halfway down my ass,
there is a fullsized mirror right next to me.
I love life's awkward tendencies.

Can you say coppertone?
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Writer's Block: Commercials: the Best and Worst

What commercial do you love the most? Which do you hate?

I really like that "Flat world:impossibly good" ad with the woman following a pig around her house then it flies out. It kills me.
I also really like the stock one with the baby, except the puke part is the only part they show now.
They shorten the wrong commercials.

A commercial I cannot stand is the lipozine one, the "apply directly to the forehead" one, or
anything with old people like that sit in bath that looks like old people porn.

Yeah, I felt like sharing today...and you asked.